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Behind The Easel

Time stands a Jay Scott painting. The Mysterious and ethereal images that he paints are calming and serene. Simply put, they are meant to sooth the soul.


As a professional artist, he has taken the art market by storm ever since his first major public commission for the city of Laguna Beach in 2002. After which he was asked to create artwork for The Water Polo Hall of Fame, The city of Nashville, Warner Brothers, Compact Computers, Wings West, and even the United States Military. His talents would be utilized in Hollywood special effects as well as within the toy industry. Celeberty clients such as Lil Wayne, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Birdman, The St.Regis, Mack Maine, HG t.v and T.I. would all collect his work in their homes and studios. Inspiration knocked at the door one day and he knew that it was time to focus on only fine art. He has attained immediate success in the art world within a short period of time with numerous one man shows in galleries across the US. His paintings are very contemporary with a strong emphasis upon texture. Even his most minimalistic work evokes a distinctive mood. Hundreds of private and corporate collectors have fallen in love with his versatility and style. He constantly tries to walk the line between abstraction and realism. A very transitional and diverse artist.


Jay Scott currently lives and works with his wife and three children in Atlanta, Ga. He continues his artistic journey though life in hopes that he inspires those around him. Painting his way into art history one brushstroke at a time.

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